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The Fake American QURAN !

Posted on: October 24, 2012


Be aware of  The Fake American QURAN !

The new AMERICAN Quran: a dangerous trick A new Quran is being distributed in Kuwait, titled “The True Furqan”. It is being described as the ayats of the Shaytan and Al-Furqan weekly magazine has found out that the two American printing companies;’Omega 2001′ and ‘Wine Press’ are involved in the publishing of ‘The True Furqan’, a book which has also been titled ‘The 21st Century Quran’! It is over 366 pages and is in both the Arabic and English languages…it is being distributed to our children in Kuwait in the private English schools! The book contains 77 Surats, which include Al-Fatiha, Al-Jana and Al-Injil. Instead of Bismillah, each Surat begins with a longer vesion of this incorporating the Christian belief of the three spirits. And this so called Quran opposes many Islamic beliefs. in one of its ayats it describes having more than one wife as fornication, divorce being non-permissable and it uses a new system for the sharing out of the will, opposing the current one. It states that Jihad is HARAAM. This book even goes as far as attacking Allah, Subhanahu wa Tahala! All this is poisoning our children at approx. $3.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,Please make sure you forward this page address to as many people as possible so that we can stop and inform our brothers and sisters about this dangerous trick.

Kindly Vote for this poll and leave your views in comments .

Please tell everyone you know and may Allah reward you.

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2 Responses to "The Fake American QURAN !"

ty so much for ur information bro…nice to met ur article.. Pls give me ur data source refference for ur article, i will make to share with all off my friend. ty

Assalamu ‘Alaikum brother…
thanks for your comment 🙂
bro I got it from this blog
you can check it out.

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